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First I want to thank everyone who prompted me! Thank you! Even if I didn't use your prompts I have them saved and I will use them for inspiration in the future.

Oh, and I'd also like to thank everyone who commented on my fics! Comments make the world go round sometimes. Seriously.

There's a lot here I like and a lot I don't. Still, I decided against making any large changes at this point. I might do so later.

Total word count: 2683. That doesn't seem like a lot, but it sure is for me. It's almost twice the word count of my longest single fic.

1) Betrayal, Kara/Kendra, M, Word count: 156 )

2) Dancing, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 159 )

3) Are You Frightened?, Kara/Kendra, Adult, Word count: 323 )

4) Poker Face, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 142 )

5) Sleep, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 163 )

6) As Bad as it Looks, Kara/Kendra, Adult, Word count: 131 )

7) XO's Quarters, Kara/Kendra, Adult, Word count: 222 )

8) The Smell of Rain, Kara/Kendra, PG, Word count: 176 )

9) Sheets, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 102 )

10) Morgue, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 329 )

11) First Meeting, Kara/Kendra, PG, Word count: 143 )

12) Pool Shark, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 144 )

13) A Bad Influence, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 157 )

14) Rock/paper/scissors, Kara/Kendra, Adult, Word count: 112 )

15) Last Minute Shit, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 100 )

16) Sigh, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 124 )

They all seem a whole lot shorter formatted like this. :/
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For rirenec

Title: Privileges of Rank
Pairing: Kara/Kendra
Rating/Warnings: T
Summary: AU. Kara and her pilots have a little fun in the rec room.
Privileges of Rank )


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