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First I want to thank everyone who prompted me! Thank you! Even if I didn't use your prompts I have them saved and I will use them for inspiration in the future.

Oh, and I'd also like to thank everyone who commented on my fics! Comments make the world go round sometimes. Seriously.

There's a lot here I like and a lot I don't. Still, I decided against making any large changes at this point. I might do so later.

Total word count: 2683. That doesn't seem like a lot, but it sure is for me. It's almost twice the word count of my longest single fic.

1) Betrayal, Kara/Kendra, M, Word count: 156
There are always consequences for failure. When your mission was to assassinate an Admiral, those consequences are particularly dire.

The usual punishment for such an act would have been death. But that would be far too easy. Betrayers deserve a more grisly fate.

Kendra stood, watching through the cell's transparent walls as a guard shredded Kara's clothes, cutting around the ties that kept her securely bound.

Knives, whips, and other instruments were laid out on a table, as though they were the time-honored tools of a respectable craftsman.

What she and Kara had was just a memory now. There were some things that could never be forgiven, some lines that, when crossed, changed everything.

This was her responsibly. She finally understood, now, how Cain had felt about Gina. This thing had betrayed her on a level she never thought possible. She had loved her.

But that was over now.

Kendra opened the cell and stepped inside.

2) Dancing, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 159
"This is a bad idea." Kendra said, looking at her oversized boxing gloves.

"Oh relax will ya?" Kara said.

"This is a bad idea."

"Would you stop saying that?"

"I'll stop saying it when it stops being true."

Kara sighed. "Just keep your hands up and you'll be fine. Oh, and don't forget to keep moving around."

"I know the basics. If we're gonna do this, let's just do it."

"Alright, but don't forget your mouthpiece. You wouldn't want to lose a tooth or something."

Kendra sighed. "You know, for what it's worth, beating the piss out of your girlfriend is considered bad form in most cultures."

Kara smiled. "Noted."

Kendra raised her comically-sized hands -- feeling every bit as silly as she looked -- and got ready to survive this nonsense.

"Set condition one throughout the ship." A voice shouted over the ship's intercom.

"Saved by the bell." Kara scowled as she ran off to get ready for duty.

3) Are You Frightened?, Kara/Kendra, Adult, Word count: 323
Prompt by rirenec.

"Are you frightened?"

"Not the frak in the slightest!"

Kendra smiled.

"You should be."

A faint trace of a smile began to form at the edges of Kara's mouth.

That would just not do.

Kendra's blade made a crisp snap as it flipped into place.

Kara's eyes darted back as forth, trying in vain to see out the edge of the blindfold while Kendra surveyed her like a predator looking for a place to strike.

She pressed the cold steel spine of the knife up against Kara's bare abdomen. Kara jumped, briefly mistaking the sudden icy sharpness for the piercing of skin.

The tip of the blade to danced back and forth, etching little zigzags into her delicate skin.

Kendra worked the blade up Kara's body, around her belly button, up and around the tips of her nipples. Unconsciously, Kara moved her chest in rhythm with the knife.

Kendra paused.

"If you don't stop moving, you're going to get cut."

She swallowed. "Understood sir."

The blade made its way higher, working all the way up Kara's neck to the top of her cheek.

Kendra pulled the knife away. In its place she pressed her lips and began to trace the path of the knife backwards with her mouth, kissing gently, softly, almost imperceptibly, as she went. All the way down Kara's neck, around her breasts and down her stomach.

As she got lower, she got progressively slower, taking altogether too long to reach the bottom.

She stopped just above Kara's clit, allowing her breath to coolly flow over Kara's skin.

"Enough of that!" Kara barked as she yanked off the blindfold.

Grabbing Kendra's forearms, she pushed her down onto the bed. Pressing her lips into Kendra's cheek, she ground herself against Kendra's hip. "I swear, you're such a fucking tease." She quipped, pulling away, hands still clutching Kendra's arms.
"I'm not a tease," Kendra retorted, "you're impatient."

"Yeah, well, it's my turn now. . . ."

4) Poker Face, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 142
"You can cook!" Kara said as she looked over the assortment of dishes that made up Kendra's improv feast. It made her feel a bit inadequate, having only a jug of the Chief's moonshine to contribute. Not that it was supposed to be a potluck dinner or anything.

"Well, I did cook full-time for a while."

"That's right. Frakking Gardner. Then you were promoted straight from potato-peeler to XO. Who'd you have to frak to manage that anyway?"

"Lee." Kendra said calmly.

That was a joke, right? Kara stared straight at Kendra's face, trying to figure out if she was being serious or not. Kendra maintained her usual stoic expression. . . until the corners of her mouth began to turn upwards, forming a little, suppressed smile.

In sync, they burst into laughter.

"You almost had me going there for a minute."

5) Sleep, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 163
The only time Kendra's face softened from its usual stoic form was when she was asleep. It was as though, in sleep, she found some measure of peace, or at least, forgetfulness. She seemed to be an innocent, fragile angel in Kara's arms.

Kara watched, mesmerized, as Kendra's belly, delightful, olive-toned and goosebump covered -- as there was quite a chill in the air -- rise and fall with each breath she took. It was hypnotic. No matter how long she watched, it just kept moving with the same rhythm.

She couldn't resist running her finger all the way up Kendra's body and down her arm into the palm of her hand.

Kendra's hands were rough and worn down, nails crudlely filed short, and with the scars of many poorly tended cuts. But, like her ship, these hands had a certain utalitarian elegance to them. They were meant to be used, not admired. Which, paradoxically, seemed to make them all the more admirable.

6) As Bad as it Looks, Kara/Kendra, Adult, Word count: 131
"What the frak is going on here?" Commander Lee Adama stood in the XO's doorway, his jaw literally hanging open.

Kendra, clad in a full leather body suit with whip in hand, froze like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Kara, who was nude save for the ropes that kept her bound down to the bunk, somehow managed a passable smile with a ball gag in her mouth.

"Sir, Captain Thrace was insubordinate in front of the crew. It would not have been appropriate to let it go unanswered."

"So this is how we punish that now?" Lee asked.

"Generally, no. . . ."

"But you decided to make an exception for Captain Thrace. . ."

"You did say I might have to get creative with her."

7) XO's Quarters, Kara/Kendra, Adult, Word count: 222
After an unusually long day, Captain Thrace stepped into Kendra's quarters and closed the hatch behind her. She unbuttoned her jacket, slid it off with all too much relief and placed it on a nearby chair.

Kendra's new XO quarters were still rather sparse. As was the shelf where Kara stowed a few of her things.

"Shit," Kara muttered to herself. Kendra was already asleep. At least she was facing away from the hatch.

Kara unceremoniously removed the remainder of her clothing and stepped barefoot on the chilly metal deck, quietly making her way over to Kendra's bunk.

But not quiet enough to avoid waking the Major.

"Well, good morning to you too Captain." Kendra said, stretching and turning her shoulders around to face Kara.

"Captain? When are ya gonna drop the formalities in private?" She said as she climbed into bed.

"Probably around the same time you start using them in public." She leaned in to kiss Kara.

"So, never then?"

They kissed again.

"You'd better."

Kara leaned in and kissed Kendra's eyelid.

"You know, I think I know how I can make up for waking you up."

Kara grabbed Kendra wrists and pressed them down over her head.

"Oh yeah?"

Resting her weight partly on Kendra, Kara brought her lips up to the edge of Kendra's ear.

"Yeah," She whispered.

8) The Smell of Rain, Kara/Kendra, PG, Word count: 176
Prompt by astreamofstars.

"It's just a little bit farther." Kendra said, imploring Kara to follow her deeper into the steamy guts of
the Pegasus.

After squeezing around a few low-hanging pipes, Kendra stopped."Here we are!" She said. "Do you smell that?"

"Smell what?"

"Rain. It smells like rain."

"I suppose. Is that really why you wanted to come down here? To smell some leaky pipes?"

"It's actually a purification system. I think."

Kara sighed. "There are rain sprinklers on Cloud 9. That's a whole lot closer to the real thing."

"Yeah, but the smell is all wrong. The 'rain' on Cloud 9 smells like water from a hose. This is more real, more like a thunderstorm." Kendra said. "Besides, before we met up with the fleet there was no Cloud 9.This has been my own little sanctuary for quite some time now."

There were little doodles written on the walls and boxes and papers strewn in the corners and behind pipes. Quite a bit different from Kendra's neat and Spartan quarters. This place reminded Kara of her old apartment.

9) Sheets, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 102
Prompt by sci_fi_shipper.

Kara slid her legs back and forth across Kendra's black, shiny new bed sheets. Of all life's pleasures, the feeling of smooth legs rubbing against smooth sheets ranks surprisingly close to the top.

"Are these silk sheets?" Kara asked. "How did you manage that?"

"I have my ways."

"Oh really? You're gonna have to hook me up with some."

Kendra smiled. "I don't think so. Think of it as just one of the many perks that come with sleeping with the XO."

"Well, I'll have to do that more often." Kara said. "For the comfy sheets, of course."

"Of course" Kendra smiled.

10) Morgue, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 329
Kara stood in front of a large hatch. The word "morgue" was stenciled on the side in big, unremarkable letters. She pushed the heavy metal mass open and stepped through.

The body of a middle-aged woman rested on a table near the center of the room. Her long brown, simple hair ran straight down by her cheeks.

Her face was nothing if not strong. It once had a certain utilitarian beauty to it. A beauty that was now marred by a prominent bullet hole in the center of her forehead.

Kendra stood near the table staring off into space, with no evidence of any anger or sadness in her eyes. Just blankness. In her hand she held Cain's knife.

"I thought I'd find you here," Kara said. Kendra ignored her. She was clearly not in the mood to chat.

"That's Cain's knife, isn't it?" Kara asked. "You're just gonna take it off her body?"

This, evidently, merited a reply. “What of it?"

"That doesn't seem very respectful."

Kendra glared at Kara. She flicked Cain's knife open and looked away again.

"You're one to talk about respect," Kendra scoffed as she turned away. "You haven't got any for anyone."

Kara's face twitched with rage. She just barely managed to keep it under control. "You don't know me," she took a breath and clenched her teeth."Not really."

"Fair enough. She saw something in you." Kendra looked over toward Cain. "I don't know what, but it must have been something."

"I will admit, I didn't really know her all that well--"

"You didn't know her at all," Kendra snapped. "She was the leader we needed. And now she's gone." Her eyes studied the razor sharp edge of Cain's knife as she spoke.

"We will find the Cylon responsible for this. It's only a matter of time." Kara said.

"That's not the point. Killing the Cylon won't change anything."

"I suppose not."

Kendra closed the blade and slid it into her pocket.

11) First Meeting, Kara/Kendra, PG, Word count: 143
*knock* *knock* *knock*

Kendra poked her head into the Pegasus pilot's breakroom, which was empty, save for Kara. Her table was strewn with maps, papers and tipped-over beer mugs.

"Are you the new CAG?" Kendra asked.

"Yeah. Who are you?"

"Captain Kendra Shaw. The Admiral asked me to help you work on the Resurrection Ship mission plan."

Kara sighed. "You're not a pilot, are you?"

"No, I'm the Admiral's aide"

"That's just what I need right now," Kara muttered to herself, rubbing her temples. Cain's puppy. Someone who's never even been in a cockpit. *That* should help her hangover.

"I'm pretty good at this sort of thing."

"I'm sure. Tell the Admiral I've got it covered."

Kendra pulled a chair and sat down next to Kara. "The Admiral said to help, so that's what I'm going to do. Even if it kills us."

12) Pool Shark, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 144
Prompt by rirenec.

Smoke filled the little bar like a fog lingering over a harbor. A crowd had started to form around the pool table as Kendra considered her shot. The tip of Kara's stogie pulsed red as she puffed furiously.

Kendra's eyes bounced back and forth between the three balls that still remained on the table. A scuffy looking cue, the eight, and a red number three solid. That one was Kara's. And it was in the way.

But only just so. If she aimed for the side-pocket, there would be at least a millimeter of clearance. Or so Kendra reasoned. She pointed her stick at the pocket, and leaned over to set up her shot.

With one swift stroke and two loud taps, the eight ball cleanly rolled into the side-pocket.

Kendra casually reached over and palmed a wad of bills. "Better luck next time."

13) A Bad Influence, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 157
Major Kendra Shaw loved this time of night. Night on a battlestar is just a formality, of course. A thing demarcated by lines on the clock and in which faces could be seen manning various posts around the ship.

At this hour, her face was the one seen behind the con.

She was in charge. Which was every bit as terrifying as it was intoxicating. Perhaps she enjoyed it on account of the fact that it was so terrifying. Just like how some people visit haunted houses or go bungee jumping. Kendra had never liked to scare herself before. In fact, she was the sort who actively avoided rollercoasters and haunted houses and the like.

Maybe Kara was starting to rub off on her? It wouldn't be the first time. Kara was exactly the sort of girlfriend her mother had warned her about. But she still loved Kara to death despite that. Or perhaps because of it.

14) Rock/paper/scissors, Kara/Kendra, Adult, Word count: 112
Prompt by rirenec.

"Okay, rock/paper/scissors, then," Kara said.

"Rock/paper/scissors? Seriously?" That was something Kendra hadn't done since she was a kid, making it seem oddly inappropriate.

"Yeah, why not?" Kara asked.

"Well. . . all right" Kendra replied.

Kara and Kendra both raised a fist in the air. "Rock paper scissors," they said in unison and threw out their hands.

Kara's paper beat Kendra's rock.

"mha ha ha" Kara grinned. "Lay back."

Kendra took in a deep breath and relaxed her body as best she could, sinking down into her bunk.

Giddy like a kid about to unwrap her presents on Christmas morning, Kara grabbed the waist of Kendra's sweats and slowly peeled them down. . . .

15) Last Minute Shit, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 100
"I come bearing gifts," Kendra stood in the doorway, a bottle of fine ambrosia in hand.

"You swiped that from the ship's stores? Just for me?" Kara said, smiling.

"Yeah, I heard you were feeling a little under the weather. I do expect you to share," Kendra said.

"Yes sir," Kara replied, with a mock salute. Kendra sat down next to her and went to work on the cap. Rather unsuccessfully.

"Give me that." Kara took the bottle. With one quick motion, she popped the cork. Putting her arm around Kendra, she took a swig and passed the bottle back.

16) Sigh, Kara/Kendra, T, Word count: 124
Kendra looked around her new quarters. Despite being on a Battlestar, where space was always at a premium, this was easily the largest place Kendra had ever had all to herself. She had been assigned to Pegasus right out of war college — essentially transferring from one dorm to another. But now, as the XO, she had a little suite all to herself. And no one to share it with. She had her hopes, sure. There was one pilot in particular who caught her attention, a snarky insubordinate Kara Thrace.

She made a note to keep an eye on Thrace. Not that she could have ignored her. As XO, Thrace's disciplinary problems were Kendra's problems. At least her cute smile would keep things interesting.

They all seem a whole lot shorter formatted like this. :/

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These were fun to write. I can't wait for the next ship war.


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